Introducing the Regulatory Guidance Podcast

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Microphone Array (Intelr Smart Sound Technology for Digital Microphones):
Hey everyone, this is Mark Treichel with

another episode of With Flying Colors.

Happy New Year!

On today's show, we are introducing
a new podcast called Credit

Union Regulatory Guidance.

This new podcast is sponsored by
Credit Union Exam Solutions and once

again is solely credit union focused.

Here are the details.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and
over the summer, I began listening to

more audiobooks and started thinking
about how I could start a Credit Union

Educational Audiobook Style Podcast.

That's a mouthful, so I'll say it again.

A Credit Union Educational
Audiobook Style Podcast.

That was the beginning of this new show.

So, in short, the new show is for people
who like audiobooks and want to educate

themselves on new regulatory guidance
issued by the National Credit Union

Administration and occasionally the
FDIC, the OCC, the FFIEC, and the CFPB.

We will focus on new and material
agency guidance and also historically

important and still active guidance
from past years that the National

Credit Union Administration cites
in examinations or conversations

that happen around examinations.

So here's the thing, NCUA exam reports
frequently cite guidance as support for

making a credit union take corrective
action via a document of resolution,

examiner findings, or even a letter
of understanding and agreement.

NCUA issued more such requirements
in 2023 than they have since the

Great Recession and its aftermath.

Here on With Flying Colors, we
will continue to focus on advice

to help you achieve success with
the NCUA examination process.

This new podcast, the Credit Union
Regulatory Guidance Podcast, is a

separate source that focuses solely
on the guidance that is important

to understand as a credit union
leader, but does not provide opinion.

Those opinions will continue to be here,
and only here, and with flying colors.

If this sounds interesting to you, or
maybe to your team, it would be great if

you could give it a listen, and if you
like it, hit the subscribe button or alert

your team that they may want to listen.

Lastly, I am not the host of Credit
Union Regulatory Guidance, and

I'd like to introduce to you the
host right now to my audience.

Samantha Shares, welcome
to With Flying Colors.

Samantha: Thanks Mark,
I’m glad to be here.

Microphone Array (Intelr Smart Sound Technology for Digital Microphones)-1:
I know you've been busy recently

getting episodes ready to go live
right out of the gate here in 2024.

Can you share with the audience what
topics they can expect to hear on

your first and following episodes?

Samantha: Of course, Mark.

Our first episode came out today and
it is on a letter to credit unions

from twenty twenty three on the
importance of contingency funding.

Microphone Array (Intelr Smart Sound Technology for Digital Microphones)-2:
That's a great choice in light

of the challenging year 2023 was
for liquidity at credit unions.

Can you share what else listeners can
expect to hear this month, Samantha?

Samantha: Absolutely, Mark.

We are planning to issue two episodes
every week during January including

any new guidance issued by NCU A.

For example, , the agency typically
issues its Examination Priority Letter to

Credit Unions in the middle of January.

We plan to get that out
immediately once they publish it.

We have also already recorded
the following topics:

F D I C’s Guidance on Managing
Commercial Real Estate Concentrations

in a Challenging Environment.

NCU A’s Concentration Risk Letter

NCU A’s Evaluating Third
Party Relationships Letter,

Just to name a few.

Microphone Array (Intelr Smart Sound Technology for Digital Microphones)-3:
Samantha, that sounds like

a great list to start with.

Thanks for being on the show today.

Samantha: Mark, Thanks for
having me on With Flying Colors.

I am excited to be here and excited
to be providing this audio book format

to the world of credit union guidance.

Microphone Array (Intelr Smart Sound Technology for Digital Microphones)-4:
It's bEen my pleasure, Samantha.

Listeners, I want to
thank you for listening.

We have some great episodes coming up here
on With Flying Colors, and I encourage

you to subscribe to Samantha's new
show, Credit Union Regulatory Guidance.

One more thing, this is Mark Treichel, and
the new show's host is Samantha, shares.

But Samantha is an artificial
intelligence voice.

She shares NCA guidance and gets her
last name from that, and of course,

also from the historically important
concept of credit union shares.

That's a wrap on this episode.

I want to wish you a happy new
year, and I'm looking forward to

helping more credit unions in 2024.

This is Mark Treichel, signing
off with Flying Colors.

Introducing the Regulatory Guidance Podcast
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