Introducing the Regulatory Guidance Podcast

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Introducing the Credit Union Regulatory Guidance Podcast

In this episode of 'With Flying Colors', host Mark Treichel announces a new podcast titled 'Credit Union Regulatory Guidance'. Sponsored by Credit Union Exam Solutions, this new program will primarily focus on educational content presented in an audiobook-style format, explaining new regulatory directives from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), FDIC, OCC, FFIEC, and the CFPB. The aim of the podcast is to ensure credit union leaders understand crucial guidance often cited in NCUA exam reports. The host of this new podcast, Samantha Shares, is introduced. Samantha, who is an AI voice, outlines plans to release two episodes weekly and gives a sneak peek into topics like contingency funding and commercial real estate concentrations, among others.

00:35 Introduction and New Year Wishes
00:40 Introduction to the New Podcast: Credit Union Regulatory Guidance
01:16 Purpose and Focus of the New Podcast
02:42 Invitation to Subscribe to the New Podcast
03:01 Introduction of the New Podcast Host: Samantha Shares
03:12 Discussion on the Upcoming Episodes of the New Podcast
04:32 Conclusion and Final Remarks
Introducing the Regulatory Guidance Podcast
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