Buying A Bank with Mike Bell

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In this episode of With Flying Colors, host Mark Treichel is joined by Mike Bell of Honigman to discuss current trends in credit union acquisitions and strategies for achieving success with the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). They cover a wide range of topics, including the increasing activity in whole bank acquisitions, bank branch transactions, and the purchase of ancillary businesses such as title companies by credit unions. Mike emphasizes the opportunities present in the current economic cycle for credit unions to expand and adapt through acquisitions, highlighting the advantage of cash transactions in today’s market. They also touch upon the concept of mergers of equals among larger credit unions as a noticeable trend. Additionally, Mike Bell provides an overview of his work in facilitating these transactions across the credit union industry, offering insights into the processes and strategies that lead to successful acquisitions. The episode aims to educate listeners on the evolving landscape of credit union acquisitions and the potential for growth and efficiency gains through strategic mergers and purchases.

00:00 Maximize Your Success with NCUA: Insider Tips
00:39 Special Guest Mike Bell: Insights into Credit Union Growth
02:14 The Surge in Credit Union Acquisitions and Market Dynamics
04:34 Navigating Regulatory Landscapes and Strategic Advantages
08:33 Exploring Branch Purchases and Community Impact
13:55 Diving into Ancillary Business Acquisitions
17:49 Strategic Considerations for Credit Union Expansion
23:03 Trends and Opportunities in the Credit Union Space
25:12 Connecting with Industry Experts
27:02 Closing Remarks and Future Episodes
Buying A Bank with Mike Bell
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