The Thick Red Line with Tory Haggerty

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Conquering Redlining and Achieving Fair Lending in Credit Unions

In this episode of 'With Flying Colors', host Mark Treichel invites Tori Hagerty to discuss the challenges and solutions surrounding redlining in American communities and its impact on fair lending practices. Hagerty, with a background in FDIC examination and the founder of Tuscan Club Consulting, shares insights from his career and his new book 'Thick Red Line'. The conversation delves into the history of redlining, the importance of education, and strategies for credit unions to improve their lending practices. Hagerty emphasizes the need for deliberately anti-racist policies, community needs assessments, the formation of community partnerships, and the development of special credit programs to combat redlining. The podcast also addresses the roles of appraisal bias and real estate agents in perpetuating discrimination and suggests practical steps for credit unions to identify and rectify blind spots in their services.

00:00 Maximizing Success with NCUA: Insider Tips and Resources
00:44 Introducing Tori Hagerty: Insights on Fair Lending and Redlining
05:05 Deep Dive into Redlining: History, Impact, and Solutions
07:52 Identifying and Addressing Redlining: Strategies for Financial Institutions
12:46 The Role of Advertising in Combating Redlining
15:41 Exploring Solutions: From Community Engagement to Special Credit Programs
20:27 Appraisal Bias and Its Connection to Redlining
30:08 The Broader Impact of Discrimination in Lending and the Path Forward
34:27 Closing Thoughts and Resources
The Thick Red Line with Tory Haggerty
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