Navigating NCUA's Liquidity Expectations; Insights and Strategies with Expert Todd Miller

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Navigating NCUA's Liquidity Landscape: Insights and Strategies

In this episode of 'With Flying Colors', hosted by Mark Treichel and featuring Todd Miller, the discussion centers around the NCUA's recent liquidity webinar. Mark and Todd share their insights into the NCUA's perspective on liquidity management, referencing three key source documents: the 2010 interagency policy statement on funding and liquidity risk management, NCUA Letter CU10 guidance issued by NCUA in 2013 on compliance with NCUA regulations, and a 2023 addendum on the importance of contingency funding plans. Todd Miller, with extensive experience at NCUA, analyzes the webinar's content, suggesting it primarily served as a refresher on previous guidance and may have offered more to smaller credit unions. They touch on the importance of cash flow statements, the evolution of credit unions' deposit base since the last financial crisis, and strategies credit unions are employing to manage liquidity pressures effectively. The episode also addresses the variance in NCUA examiners' expectations and the ongoing adjustments credit unions are making in response to rising interest rates. They conclude that proactive liquidity management and adapting to changing rate environments are crucial for credit unions to thrive.

00:00 Maximize Your Success with NCUA: Insider Tips and Sponsorship
00:35 Introduction to the Episode: NCUA's Liquidity Webinar Recap
03:08 Deep Dive into NCUA's Liquidity Webinar: Key Takeaways and Analysis
05:56 Exploring the Impact of Historical and Current Liquidity Trends
08:37 The Role of Non-Member Deposits and Pricing in Liquidity Management
16:24 Forward-Looking Liquidity Management: Strategies and Examiner Variability
32:02 Concluding Thoughts: Adjusting to Market Conditions and Future Outlook
35:09 Final Remarks and Invitation for Future Learning
Navigating NCUA's Liquidity Expectations; Insights and Strategies with Expert Todd Miller
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