10 Ways to Avoid an NCUA Document of Resolution

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Maximizing Success with NCUA: 10 Ways to Avoid Document Resolutions

In this episode of With Flying Colors, hosted by Mark Treichel and sponsored by Credit Union Exam Solutions, Mark shares valuable insights from his beachside brainstorming session on how to pass NCUA exams with flying colors. He discusses the importance of understanding what a document resolution is and then delves into ten strategies to avoid them, touching on topics such as compliance with the Federal Credit Union Act, NCUA regulations, your own policies, strategic planning, effective communication with NCUA, negotiation skills, training, subscribing to NCOA express and Mark's podcasts, accounting practices, and ensuring accessibility for examiners. Mark emphasizes the value of preparation, understanding, and communication in achieving success with NCUA exams and concludes by hinting at future discussions on code threes and consumer compliance exams.

00:00 Welcome to With Flying Colors: Your Guide to NCUA Success
00:38 A Day at the Beach: Inspiration Strikes
01:45 10 Ways to Avoid a Document Resolution: An Insider's Guide
07:03 The Importance of Communication and Negotiation with NCUA
08:54 Training, Subscriptions, and Podcast Recommendations
13:14 Final Thoughts and Looking Ahead
10 Ways to Avoid an NCUA Document of Resolution
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