Dana Ginsburg of ComplianceTech Fair Lending Tips & More

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Navigating Fair Lending in the Credit Union Sector: A Conversation with Dana Ginsburg

This podcast transcript features Mark Treichel interviewing Dana Ginsburg from Compliance Tech on the hot topic of fair lending in the credit union industry. Ginsburg, who has been with Compliance Tech since 1998, shares her insights drawn from vast experience in studying fair lending, HMDA data, and CRA data, as well as working with lenders, regulatory agencies, and housing groups. She discusses the increased focus on fair lending by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), the importance of being proactive in monitoring fair lending, and strategies to address potential redlining issues and appraisal bias. Ginsburg also discusses tools available for credit unions to manage these tasks, including an ebook and other informative resources on Compliance Tech's website.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Background
01:23 Current Landscape in Fair Lending
01:50 Fair Lending Examination Program
02:18 Fair Lending in the Credit Union Landscape
03:46 Fair Lending and Regulatory Agencies
06:00 Proactive Steps for Fair Lending Monitoring
06:32 Understanding Your Data
07:50 Fair Lending Examination and HMDA Data
11:11 Fair Lending and Auto Lending
15:38 Appraisal Bias and Redlining
27:03 Future of Fair Lending
30:05 Conclusion and Final Thoughts
Dana Ginsburg of ComplianceTech Fair Lending Tips & More
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