What to Expect in 2024 at NCUA

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Navigating the NCUA's Changing Priorities & Regulations: With Flying Colors

In this episode of 'With Flying Colors', Mark Treichel discusses the current developments and predictions for regulations and priorities within the National Credit Union Administration(NCUA). He talks about the issues faced by Navy Federal Credit Union due to reported disparities in their loan acceptance patterns among different racial groups, leading to an the Senate turning up the heat. He mentions Chairman Todd Harper's focus on consumer compliance will likely increase due to this incident. Mark provides a  review of the NCUA's 2023 annual performance plan and predicts an increase in focus on climate change, diversity, and compliance in the 2024 plan. Mark also offers predictions for the NCUA’s supervisory priority letter for the upcoming year. He shares plans for upcoming podcast topics 

00:35 Introduction and Personal Update
01:10 Update on NCUA Board and Navy Federal's Challenges
02:47 Predictions on NCUA's Focus and Impact on Credit Unions
04:11 Discussion on NCUA Board Agenda
05:23 Analysis of Annual Performance Plan
10:42 Predictions for 2024 NCUA Priorities
13:03 Upcoming Podcast Topics
14:28 Conclusion and Personal News
What to Expect in 2024 at NCUA
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