What Topics Are Top of Mind & Who Should I Interview in 2024?

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Hey everyone, this is Mark Treichel
with another episode of With

Flying Colors, and I am recording
this on December 29th, 2023.

This is our 154th episode in two years.

We're closing in on 30, 000
downloads, and just a couple short

notices and questions for you.

Number one, The notice is
thank you for listening.

I appreciate the occasional listener.

I appreciate the listener who
listens to every episode and again, I

appreciate all of you for listening.

This is a lot of fun.

These last couple of years got some
exciting things coming up in 2024.

But I also am asking you, the listeners,
if there are guests that you would like

me to interview, to reach out to me on
LinkedIn, , at Mark Treichel and, or

send me an email at info at marktreichel.


The same goes towards topics.

If there's a examination related
topic that you would like me to talk

about, or one of my subject matter
experts that assist me at Credit Union

Exam Solutions to talk about, shoot
me a note also on LinkedIn or by email

again, which is info at Mark Treichel.

Lastly, , when the new year breaks,
we will be announcing a second

podcast that we at Credit Union
Exam Solutions are supporting.

And we'll have a crossover episode,
the first week of January to explain

what that podcast is all about.

All right, that's it.

Have a fabulous New Year's.

Look forward to many
more episodes in 2024.

And again, if you know somebody I should
interview, if you'd like to be on the

show, or if you have a topic you'd
like us to discuss, please reach out.

Again, Happy New Year from all
of us here at Credit Union Exam

Solutions and with Flying Colors.

Thanks again for listening.

Mark Treichel signing off for 2023.

What Topics Are Top of Mind & Who Should I Interview in 2024?
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