NCUA Chairman Rodney Hood Reflects on NCUA & the Future

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Empowering Credit Unions: Insights from Rodney Hood

In this episode of With Flying Colors, host Mark Treichel welcomes former NCUA board chairman Rodney Hood to discuss a range of topics relevant to credit unions. Hood shares his gratitude towards individuals and teams that contributed to his successful tenure, highlights the importance of leadership, teamwork, and the evolution of risk management practices at NCUA. He also delves into the future of credit unions, emphasizing financial technology, inclusion, and the potential for credit unions to expand into underserved areas and business lending. Moreover, Hood talks about his current roles, advocating for fintech and financial inclusivity, and how to contact him for insights and speaking engagements.

00:00 Maximize Your NCUA Exam Success with Mark Treichel
00:39 Special Guest: Former NCUA Board Chairman Rodney Hood
07:34 Rodney Hood's Journey: From Accounting Intern to NCUA Chairman
12:51 The Return to NCUA: A Mission of Unfinished Business
17:27 Embracing Fintech: Rodney Hood's Vision for Credit Unions
24:46 Financial Inclusion: The Civil Rights Issue of Our Generation
27:34 Innovative Credit Unions: Stories of Financial Empowerment
28:35 The Role of Credit Unions in Community and Education
28:59 Transition and Advice for New NCUA Board Members
30:23 Embracing Technology and Continuous Learning in the Financial Sector
32:52 Exploring New Frontiers: Digital Currencies and Cannabis Banking
34:20 The Future of Financial Institutions: AI, Member Engagement, and Business Lending
41:26 Post-NCUA Endeavors: Board Memberships and Advocacy
52:02 The Importance of Continuous Learning and Engagement
NCUA Chairman Rodney Hood Reflects on NCUA & the Future
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