#147 Strategic Credit Union Mergers with Olden Lane's Dan Prezioso

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In this episode of the 'With Flying Colors' podcast, host Mark Treichel interviews Dan Prezioso, a partner at Olden Lane, to discuss the dynamic landscape of credit union examinations and mergers. They touch on the unique aspects of credit union mergers, potential challenges, and strategies to navigate them effectively. Building on his insider knowledge, Prezioso shares his perspective on the critical role of subordinated debt and the need for strategic consolidation in the industry, in the light of recent market shifts and changing consumer appetites. The impact and response to the COVID-19 pandemic, deposit competition, tightening monetary policies, and the retirement of aging leadership, were also highlighted as driving factors for mergers and consolidation in the credit union market. The conversation emphasizes the need for credit unions to plan ahead, consider economies of scale, and take a strategic, proactive approach to mergers.

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00:00 Introduction and Sponsorship
00:31 Guest Introduction: Dan Prezioso
01:02 Olden Lane and Credit Unions
01:30 Subordinated Debt Market and Credit Unions
03:35 Market Consolidation and Mergers
04:07 Challenges in Credit Union Market
06:46 Impact of COVID-19 on Credit Unions
10:22 The Role of Regulatory Response
11:46 Profitability and Efficiency in Credit Unions
12:33 Challenges in Technology and Electronic Payments
18:03 The Impact of Aging Leadership and Retirement
22:59 Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions
28:04 Conclusion and Contact Information

#147 Strategic Credit Union Mergers with Olden Lane's Dan Prezioso
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